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    The first step to any creative process:
    Cathartic conversations and copious amounts of coffee. 

    We interviewed 200+ women across 3 metros, from all walks of life, careers, and lifestyles. They spoke, and we heard their wants, their rants, their needs and most importantly, their wishlist.

    Not entirely surprised, here’s what we found:
    • 85% of the respondents find it difficult to dress for work.
    • 55% of them change their outfits more than once before they leave for work.
    • 90% of them actively seek brands with less noise.

    Style, fit and comfort emerged as their biggest pain points.
    Ergo, our collection ideology.

    Boards are then stacked up.

    Colour Boards | Mood Boards | Theme Boards | Silhouette Boards | Detailing Boards
    The boards, continue to be compiled and edited, till a collection that speaks a common language emerges. One that is visually and thematically cohesive, yet eye-catching and unique.
    • Obsessed with tiny details, our team relentlessly ideates and produces sketches for every collection, experimenting with different usability and design elements.
    • Only 20% of them are selected to be prototyped with scrap fabric to test their ergonomics, comfort, and visual appeal.

    Final prototypes are selected based on: 
    1. Visual appeal, stylishness, and timelessness
    2. Design rigour, innovation, and originality
    3. Fit versatility for different body shapes
    4. Ease of use and comfort
    5. Size inclusivity.

    Tested on humans, not mannequins.

    We test our final prototypes on women in every size across the 5 body types.
    All from diverse professions, each with different activity levels; working in law, investment banking, policy, NGOs, banking, design, marketing, PR and more. They are asked to move around, take long strides, sit high, sit low, use pockets, zips, and buttons, all the while giving us their inputs on the designs and their details.

    We then add our finishing touches:
    Careful tweaks are made to silhouettes to ensure that they are comfortable for every size, and all body types, without compromising on style.

    We put our fabrics through the wringer. Literally.

    Just like fresh ingredients make all the difference to food, quality fabrics make all the difference when it comes to clothes.
    • The swatches and sample fabrics are tested in-house for colourfastness, shrinkage, breathability, crease-resistance, and strength.
    • Approved fabrics then go onward to TBD’s quality partner TexanLab for additional tests.
    • Global testing parameters then ensue. Eg. the Martindale 1000 rub test, a test taken by the likes of brands like Ralph Lauren.

    We leave no stone unturned. Or seam, for that matter.

    We ensure all our zippers, fasteners, elastics, and laces are sourced from the best global suppliers. They are tested for durability, colour, and are pre-washed and shrunk wherever necessary. And what’s more, we piece our garments together using Japanese machines and British threads.

    We source our zippers from the best in the market, YKK, threads from Madura Coats, and machines from JUKI.

    The result?
    Hyper-curated collections, That offer more, with less.

    Because of this rigorous process, multiple trial sessions, and customer interactions, TBD updates its understanding of the science of female silhouettes and how best to dress them. That’s why our customers won’t be inundated with choices. Only the very best make it to the collection, even if it means offering 30 well-crafted size-inclusive pieces instead of a 100.



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