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    Good listeners make better designers.

    TBD wasn’t born on a whim. We,  ourselves,  suffered the gap in the market when it came to chic, yet comfortable clothing. We got under our customers' skin to find out what problems they have with fashion on a daily basis. Whether it’s fit, function, comfort, or climate; there’s nothing that a little bit of science and a lot of design thinking can’t resolve. And so we listened.

    We spent months tirelessly understanding women’s problems with finding the right outfits for their busy days. Countless trials, focus groups and fittings later, TBD pieces are always evolving- with every outfit an improved version of itself. More comfortable. More practical. And always on-point.

    Learn more about our methods. The team would love to hear about your issues, reach out to care@tbdwear.com

    Flexible policies for flexible outfits.

    Exchanging or returning a TBD outfit couldn’t be simpler. A liberal return policy allows customers to try the pieces and return them if they have second thoughts.
    The team would also love to hear about any tiny fit issues while sitting, bending, or walking and be happy to rectify them, wherever possible.

    Read our return policy here.

    Say hello to clothes that keep the pace with women on the move, who have things to do, people to meet, and places to go. Because in this fast-paced world, fashion needs to keep up.

    No frills, no fuss - en vogue and easy to wear, TBD outfits are designed to be enabling, and therefore empowering. Clothes that are made to last through the day and night, always sharp, current yet effortless. Quite like the women of today.

    View the collection here.

    Meet the minds behind TBD

    Sisters, and co-founders, Pooja and Anjali Mathur dived into the fashion space recently, mainly because they found very few options in the market that promised style and practicality for working women.

    With their collective experience in Finance and Operations at companies like Deloitte, Google and o3, the sisters have devised a simple formula- they put meticulous thought into the product and process, be it clothing, packaging, or the experience. They also place great importance on relationships. Whether it’s tying up with certified, quality vendors and partners; meeting and speaking to customers; and working with brilliant teammates.

    Having previously founded Navchetna Society in 2013 - a not-for-profit organisation, Pooja and Anjali aim to empower more women to be both creators and leaders. Going forward, they plan to include more womencentric initiatives into their partner-ecosystem.

    With TBD, the duo is committed to redefining benchmarks in the category by proving that comfort and style can co-exist when approached scientifically.



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