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    Ultimate WFH Fundamentals For Every Work Personality

    FH culture stays on & as pervasive as ever well into September of 2020. It hasn’t all been bad, but it hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine either. One of the biggest pitfalls of the WFH lifestyle would undoubtedly be not being around our teammates and work friends. The silence of our sound-cancelling headphones echo the absence of casual conversation around cafeteria tables and there is only so much virtual happy-hours over Zoom can make up for.

    As we all adjust to this new normal and figure out ways to work together and connect as an ever adaptable group of professionals; each of our work personas have fundamentally shifted to accommodate this turn of events. You must have noticed some major changes in how your teammates operate as their new work personality shines through every ping on slack and hangouts meet. The isolation and the massive overhaul in communication styles have most certainly brought out never seen before qualities and quirks in so many of us!

    Want to find out what your new WFH personality is? Take our short ‘n sweet WFH personality quiz over your coffee break (*disclaimer* - this is just for laughs & some remote working fun). Scroll down to the one you got to read more and get recommendations on absolute must-haves for your type!

    P.S: Don’t forget to share this & compare notes with your work-wife! We’ve been having a ball with this one ourselves. Can't wait? - let the fun & games begin! 

    The Inbox Monitor -

    Best believe, this WFH personality has a 10-minute timer set around the clock, to check, sort, organize, classify, clean, star and sort their email inbox! No new mailer goes unnoticed or unchecked, they have meticulously organized inbox folders for every purpose imaginable, and they don’t miss a single beat when it comes to timely, efficient responses! CCing and attaching screen-shots with to-the-point explanations is their second nature & Gmail is their new work bestie.

    Also, bless your heart if you take longer than a few hours to respond to their email threads or leave their in-mail queries unnoticed! To them, keeping a clean and organized inbox is the key to mastering this WFH era and they will put their time and effort into ensuring they stay looped in.  

    Real talk? Those who have this WFH personality are the gate-keepers of ensuring that the team functions in a smooth and time-sensitive manner and they deserve a ton of appreciation for it! Here are some WFH fundamentals that are sure to appeal if you belong to this tribe of keyboard warriors:

    1) Too many subscriptions and mailers landing up in your inbox? Unsubscribe easily from the ones you'd like to get rid of with ‘unroll.me’.

    2) Want to convert your inbox to a gmail-trello hybrid to help you organize it in a more visual way? Try ‘Sortd’ - an application that lets you build and view multiple inbox folders as side-by-side lists.

    3) Giving you the option to automate responses, schedule emails to send at the right time, get read receipts, send follow up reminders if your email goes without any response, add a ‘smart calendar’ assistant and snooze messages to a time and location - gmail’s ‘Boomerang’ is a one-stop shop for those who want to be attached to the hip with their inbox. 

    The Work-life Multitasker -

    All jokes aside, we have a deep admiration for this particular type of WFH champion. This persona belongs to the working parents, care-givers and those who manage weighty responsibilities in the middle of a pandemic while also taking the challenge of remote working head-on.

    Managing the responsibility of house-work, care taking children, looking after older members of the family and maintaining a stable work-life balance is a monumental task. These multitaskers are ahead of the curve in every way imaginable. They’re innovative and precise with their time management, exercise patience and grace in their everyday tasks, and find creative ways to be available on every front.  

    We want to give them a massive thanks for everything they do & remind them to also make some time for their own needs and mental wellness. Here are some essentials that will help them include slots for some well deserved me-time:

    1) Drawing, coloring and indulging in the fine arts in even a small way has proved to be an extremely therapeutic me-time activity. Even 20 minutes spent serenely working on the page of a pretty adult coloring book can prove to be a major stress buster. 

    2) Catching up on work emails? Doing your taxes? Checking your kid’s homework? Find ways to use this time as a work-chill me time hybrid. Soothe your mind with a quiet, non-obtrusive playlist like our ‘Sounds of silence’ and for extra tranquility, add a skin-care element to your task with a cooling biodegradable sheet mask

    3) Bath and shower time are the easiest and most effective way to get me-time in a busy household - so why not make the most of these precious minutes? Indulge your senses and give your skin some love with some affordable, yet premium bath products from ‘The mineral project’ - or indulge in gentle organic soaps for ‘Mollis’. Light a candle if you can and soak in the peaceful silence!

    4) Bring some of those work productivity hacks into your family routines and get your household chores and family activities scheduled with the Cozi shared family calendar.

    The DND Stickler -

     This WFH type is equal parts awe-inspiring and annoying. Yeah, we said it! They’re the invisible geniuses who push the limits of the isolation that comes with remote working and actually use it to their advantage!

    These perfectionists go radio silent for the big tasks, especially when prepping for a big day and suddenly appear out of nowhere with detailed, organized and innovative work. They love to function independently and are at their absolute best when left to their own devices. Easily annoyed when asked to constantly stay wired in and annoyed by constant interruptions and unnecessary pings - the ‘DND sticklers’ are usually the ones complaining about meetings that could have been an email and too many whatsapp groups that crimp their style. 

    Lets face it though - we’re all a little bit awe-struck and inspired when they land up with a fabulous pitch and out-of-the-box suggestions that are exactly what every team needs in this hyper adaptive world of work. If you belong to this particular breed of magicians, we have some amazing essentials to help you get into the zone for your next hat-trick:

    1) Block out the internet’s uber distracting ‘attention economy’ with the Freedom app. Block shopping sites, social media sites and websites to knuckle down and focus single-mindedly on one thing only - your work. 

    2) Super intuitive and tailored to be your quiet background assistant for that deep work, Dewo will help you fixate on the work that matters and show you your patterns with pin-point accuracy. 

    3) Check out Cal Newport’s (Author of ‘Deep Work - rules to stay focused in a distracted world’) reading list here and get even more focused than before!

    The Technophobic Worrier - 

    We truly feel for you if you have this particular WFH personality. Not everyone works in a field that requires them to use tech constantly, and there are many who would identify with you!

    The current global crisis has, however, accelerated the pace of the technological revolution enormously and getting comfortable with remote working through a black screen has been the cornerstone of being adaptable for the new era.

    We know this personality worries about having to use new tech-savvy ways to keep up with their careers - but fret not! Technology today is immensely user-driven and while it may take some breaking into for those who are not used to it; there are a plethora of solutions available for learning and adapting to the WFH culture.

    Check out some of our curated must-haves and resources that are sure to ease your confusion, get your digital life organised and have you feeling tech-savvy in no time:

    1) Learning how to make the most of Microsoft office and Google suite applications is a must for any professional in 2020. Get your A-game on and boost your usage of these with Jess Stratton’s excellent courses on LinkedIn learning that will teach you the fundamentals of everything - from outlook to Google docs - in a crisp, compact and time-sensitive package.

    2) If you wish to get more tech savvy, make the most of your time online without spending too much time on repetitive clicks and digital movements - consider investing some of your time into learning keyboard shortcuts that are bound to make your WFH processes easier.

    3) A great way to break into truly understanding tech at its fundamental level is to learn the basics of coding. Here’s a list of a few basic free or low cost courses to help you get started on this digital journey.

    The Nostalgic Chronicler - 

    Ever the social butterfly of the workplace, this is the personality type that has been having the hardest time coming to terms with not being around teammates at work. Wistfully missing in-person brainstorming sessions, water-cooler chats and happy-hour bonding with co-workers, the ‘nostalgic chronicler’ is the one taking initiative to organize virtual hangouts, zoom parties and nostalgic bantering over ‘what it used to be like’ in 2019.

    Truly the glue that holds the team together, these are the people gunning for collaboration, storytelling their way through presentations, looking forward to team catch-ups and eagerly waiting for the day they can meet their co-workers again face-to-face.

    As an appreciative gesture to these community building mavens, we have a few essentials to get them the social support and interaction they’ve been craving:

    1) We LOVE the ‘Sounds of colleagues’ project, that helps you play the sounds of a normal workplace as you go about your task. Recreate your office atmosphere at home & revel in some harmless pre-pandemic nostalgia!

    2) A great way to feel like you belong in spite of the lock-down isolation is to network and be a part of a great online community of professionals. We drive great discussions through our Instagram, LinkedIn and Email communities - so be sure to join the conversation!

    3) Here’s a great article by Bustle on 19 zoom happy hour ideas to engage and spend some quality bonding time with your team over video call - get organizing!

    The Furry-friend Cuddler -  

    These guys are the de-facto stars of every virtual meeting, because of their adorable & incredibly photogenic pets! Ever been on a video call with your team only to have everyone squeal with joy at the sudden appearance of a furry friend at the corner of a team member’s screen - the agenda of the meeting be damned? We’ve been there too!

    This personality type is always serene and in a good mood - and who can blame them? Pets are an amazing source of emotional support, unconditional love and comforting company - especially through uncertain and turbulent times. This work persona is popular for cheering their co-workers up with delightful snapshots of their pets - who are by the way equally ecstatic about having all this extra cuddle-time with their favorite hoomans. 

    Cruising through WFH life with their loyal companions, the ‘furry-friend cuddlers’ are the luckiest of them all! If you belong to this fortunate group, here are some WFH essentials that will make your time with your pets even more special:  

    1) Start an Instagram page to chronicle your WFH adventures with your furry friend and share their most adorable moments with your friends, family and co-workers! Here are a few of our faves for your reference: @scarbrothedawg, @woof_cleo, @lottie_and_poppy, @ruby_the_snowbengal & @malsook03.01

    2) A happy pet is the key to a happy home! Check out these tips and toy recos to keep your cuties engaged & entertained as you focus on working remotely. 

    3) Looking to add to your furry fam? Or do you just looking to get one of your own after checking out the adorable Insta handles above? We say - go for it if you are up for the major responsibilities that come with it. Dip your toes in at first by foster parenting a pet or adopt (don’t shop) one through efficient and compassionate platforms such as World for All.

    The Serial Chiller -  

    Calm, easy-going and secretly delighted at the prospect of not having to commute or even get out of their room, this work persona is all about chill atmospheres, working from bed & stocking up on their favorite snacks.

    The ‘serial chillers’ are not about to get their heads twisted with doomsday news and overthinking. They have their heads on their shoulders and are doing the best they can to take each work day as it comes. These are the ones who subscribe to a zen philosophy of not worrying too much about things that are out of their control and focusing on the aspects of their professional lives that are within their scope of command.

    While it is difficult for most to get into this mindset - it is most certainly worth aspiring to. It is undeniable that this is the personality type that has the most wholesome and effective approach to balancing a work from home lifestyle while staying calm and connected amid the current crisis. 

    If you belong to this group - first of all, props to you. Second of all - here are some awesome recommendations that will further your agenda to keep calm and carry on:  

    1) Okay first things first - you NEED to check out our meticulously curated Spotify playlists to set that chill atmosphere for your WFH days! 

    2) Looking to stock up on some quality time as you YouTube, network and work your way up that ladder in your PJs? Look no further than Mo’s Bakery for healthy snacks in beautifully crafted packaging and Scoopski for satisfying those sweet-tooth cravings with innovative textures. 

    3) When it comes to creating a zen space and chill mindset, nothing sets the tone like soothing lighting. Opt for a soft, sophisticated glow with this lamp-charger hybrid for your office desk. If you desire something aesthetically pleasing, go for these moon lamps for an intergalactic vibe or this Himalayan rock lamp.

    The Task-list Cracker -

    See that coworker who is always looking fab and put-together during every virtual meeting? They absolutely do not give off a vibe that says ‘I am wearing a shirt for this video call, but I am also wearing shorts’. In fact, they look exactly the same as before, and always seem to have their bearings in place. That’s the kind of work personality we’re talking about in this segment!

    These diligent professionals have a well-organized task-list that they update regularly, still wear ironed clothing, organize their work life with precision and always seem to get through a mountain of tasks effortlessly. Cracking every project, an insane schedule and comprehensive to-do list with ease - while also staying pro-active, these are the WFH champions that have pushed on and adapted rapidly to their new work reality. 

    ‘Organized’ is  your middle name and productivity is your best friend if you are a ‘task-list cracker’ and we are immensely inspired by your hustle! Here are a few must-haves that will help you keep up that drive: 

    1) If you love keeping your tasks on point & organized, you will enjoy Trello immensely!  

    2) There are a plethora of apps and websites to assist you in cracking that task list. Here are some of our favorites

    3) Want some expert-backed secrets to help you perfect your schedule? We’ve got you covered.

    The Nocturnal All-nighter - 

     Ahem - this is a person who - quite plainly - has their work schedule upside down. The tube-light of the team, they power-up as the rest of the team shuts-down and calls it a day. Their work begins with the dawn and ends with the morning light. They’re the ones sending you those 1:00 AM email responses and posing 5:00 AM existential questions on informal Slack channels.

    The night-owls of WFH life, this personality belongs to those who are hyper-creative in the silence of the night and have no issues with burning the midnight oil when their work demands it. The only catch is that they’re the ones who are extra zoned out during day-time virtual meetings and will go to great lengths to work in that afternoon power nap! But rest assured - if you ever find yourself fretting over the uncertainty of your career in the middle of the night, these are the most available and sympathetic ears you can find! 

    Having a normal schedule and a good night’s sleep, however, are vital for a healthy mindset & this personality type is most prone to a burnout. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid remote working fatigue and mitigate reaching that eventual point of exhaustion: 

    1) Nothing’s worse for cognitive functioning than a sleep deficit. It’s the main ingredient in the recipe for a classic mental burnout and creative block. Here’s a great collection of tips, tricks and tools to help you sleep better. 

    2) Here’s a great info-graphic to help you get on track by resetting your body clock. 

    3) A common thing that people who have an up-side down schedule do, is working in their bed. Especially under lock down conditions, this is highly inadvisable. It will make you feel very cooped in and out of touch with the cycles of day and night. Especially for you, a morning routine and a ritual to subconsciously let your brain differentiate between ‘sleep-time’ and ‘work-time’ is key. This firstly begins with ensuring that you have a dedicated workspace that is away from your bed or preferably in a different room. Set this up easily if you haven't with super affordable WFH all-in-one packages by Furlenco or Rentomojo.

    We loved sharing these tips, tools and WFH personas with you! Which one did you get through our quiz? Do you think that you are one or more of these? Comment below & let us know!
    If you enjoyed this article and are hankering for more of our binge-worthy WFH content, check out our low-down on how to ride that ‘Zoom-shirt’ wave everyone’s been talking about and our comprehensive tool-kit on unique ways to make your remote working brighter.

    Author: Neha Sane - September 1st 2020

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