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    5 reasons why we love the timeless work blazer.

    5 Reasons We Love The Timeless Work Blazer
    - An ode to a workwear classic -

    It seems like only yesterday, we were all on the go, perennial hustlers aiming for that highest, loftiest of ceilings, grabbing our blazers for a quick spruce-up on our way to that meeting or power lunch. Well, the current global situation may have put a damper on our fast-paced AM to PM life; yet the blazer, an undeniable workwear classic only got chicer & increasingly essential!

    Sleek, traditionally striking & spelling business like no other, the blazer is our go-to workwear fix all year round. Without beating around the bush, here are 5 reasons why that is so:

    Reason One: Above-the-keyboard champion

    What's your go-to WFH style? A relaxed dress, a casual tee over those athleisure joggers, or a cozy pair of sweats? Well, why change out of that comfort zone for your meetings, when you can instantly spruce up any WFH outfit with a chic work blazer!

    No-fuss, no hassle - just throwing on a blazer gets any look above-the-keyboard ready for all work-from-home commitments. The traditional collar rise and the sharp shoulders immediately lend a professional look and a striking profile for that hangouts meeting or a zoom conference.

    Styling tip: Wear your WFH blazer with a chic accessory - like a pair of earring studs, a minimal necklace, or a printed scarf that complements its colour for a true zoom-ready impact.

    Reason Two: Makes a power statement

    Wondering what to wear on those days when you would like to command a room without flinching? A statement-making blazer is all you need. Lending every body shape & size a neat, put-together, and crisp profile, the blazer enhances any work outfit with its clean lines & tailoring.

    You don't need a blazer for you to be taken seriously - your work, talent & intelligence are enough for that. If you are however looking to fashion for that 'confidence add-on' for the big days - look no further.

    black blazer
    black blazer
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    Styling tip: Choose a blazer in a work-appropriate, yet statement-making colour - Like a charcoal grey or classic blue, and layer it over dresses or shirts in neutral blacks & whites for effortless, yet striking corporate style

    Reason Three: Hands-on functionality

    Ever felt your fingers freeze & lips go slightly blue in those freezing office AC temperatures? Yikes - us too! Our remedy to beat the boardroom's glacial degrees is a chic workwear blazer. A great carry-on accessory for the office, the 'right blazer' comes with functionalities like hidden pockets that make it all the more handy to have around.

    PS: Check out the insane inner workings of our 'Visionary' blazer - you won't be disappointed (or feel the need to carry an additional bag)!

    TBD Visionary Classic Black Blazer

    Styling Tip: Go for a black blazer when shopping for one to carry every day or keep around the office. A timeless favourite and compatible with almost any work outfit, a black blazer is a must-have for every working woman!

    Reason Four: AM to PM, wearable versatility

    If you haven't heard yet, the working woman's blazer isn't just for the office anymore! A long-ensuing trend and an absolute favourite among the high-fashion crowd, influencers, stylists & taste-makers alike; the work blazer has taken on a new role as late 2010s darling fashion staple.

    Blending seamlessly with workwear staples such as dresses, shirts & jumpsuits; blazers fit in equally well with more ethnic workwear options too, like a crisp hand-woven saree or a sleek short kurti worn over wide-leg trousers.

    Effortlessly fitting into (literally) every work-life occasion and transitioning flawlessly from day to evening - a blazer is at the moment, the most versatile piece of clothing to own!

    Styling Tip: Take a blazer from office wear to high fashion in a flash! - just wear a broad, statement belt at your high waist on top of it. Pair your look with a pair of chic heels to complete the look.

    Reason Five: Looking polished made easy 

    Ever wonder if there is a shortcut to looking extra polished, put-together & sleek in your workwear without any effort? Or do you wish for a quick update to your everyday top/shirt & trouser workwear combo? The work blazer is your sure-fire answer!

    We're in love with the blazer's fascinating ability to quickly update any work look by the simple and zero-effort act of being worn.

    Styling tip: Update a business casual day outfit with a slightly less formal blazer made in a print or a brighter colour - it looks great over jeans or even solid toned dresses!

    You don't need more than 24 hours in a day to look as sleek as Olivia Pope or as put-together as every influencer on the gram - You just need a work blazer that is best suited for you. A must-have workwear classic all year round, we hail this work staple as our new capsule & forever favourite.

    Check our sharp and practical 'Visionary' blazer - made by working women, for working women!

    Neha Sane - Jun 01 2020

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