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    4 reasons why practical work dresses are a TBD obsession

    Work dresses, in spite of being absolute work wear classics, are often a miss in the women’s wear market. Work dresses are usually available in see-through & wrinkly fabrics, unflattering silhouettes, and in incorrect fits for Indian body shapes with not a single pocket in sight.

    Ever bought a below-the-knee length dress from a high-street brand online, only to have it look like a maxi dress IRL? We know through extensive research, surveys & focus group discussions, that most working Indian women go through such harrowing problems when shopping for dresses to wear for work.

    At TBD, our team members have also faced these issues as fast-paced working women!

    However, armed with the knowledge of how easy and comfortable work dresses for women can be - we weren’t quite ready to give up on this polished & modern option without a fight. Inspired by a need to create an affordable line of top-notch dresses that function just as effortlessly as they look, we dived into rigorous R&D.

    Read on for 4 reasons why work dresses are a TBD obsession and an insight into our journey to  redefine work dresses for women who mean business!

    REASON ONE: pockets are fundamental

    Hands-free is golden in our books & we just don’t DO dresses without them. Even if they are sculpted, structured & in a 4-way stretch fabric that runs close to the figure.

    Would you believe that the Jetsetter dress has pockets for days?  

    Black Dress for women
    Black Dress for women
    black outfits for girls
    black formal wear
    black formal office dress
    black office cloth
    black formal attire for women

    Psst… The inner pocket shape is carefully restructured to become longer & reshaped away from the center-front to ensure you can fit several items in these seamlessly without too much bulk!

    Reason Two: Wearability is JUST that easy

    We also wanted to make things easier to slip into. Why struggle with clasps & closures, when you can just slip into something that’s as chic as it is comfortable? 

    Our All-nighter dress is an absolute go-to office dress perfect for an easy slip-on and a hassle-free WFH day.

    Speaking of which, we decided to go with a luxe, natural, new-age & extremely durable Lyocell fabric for maximum comfort.

    dark blue formal dress
    dark blue formal dress
    dark blue dress
    blue work cloth
    blue office wear for women
    ladies blue dress
    blue outfit for girls

    Reason Three: fabrics worth living in

    Tired of the endless barrage of low quality fabrics that are typical of most brands offering western wear - especially in the fast fashion departments; we decided to check the fading, pilling & overall durability of our fabrics for upto a 1000 machine rubs!

    Our work wear is our daily companion in our work lives afterall - we would love for it to provide the wearer with not only comfort & aesthetics, but also overall durability!

    Made with cutting-edge methods, we’ve used ‘Tencel’, a sleek, breathable & ultra-cooling fabric for many of our dresses - including the Sunflower dress - for it’s stylish looks & butter-like skin feel.

    beige dress
    beige dress
    beige formal dress for women
    beige womens dress formal
    beige outfit for women
    formal beige dress for girls

    Psst... See that elegant braided belt? Well, if you want something for an easier work day, just remove it & wear the Sunflower dress as is - the invisible belt loops will ensure that the transformation looks seamless. What is life without a little versatility after all?

    Reason Four: power-dressing made adaptable

    Made for days when you just need to command the room (we all have those), we’ve included some much loved pizzazz to the usual office wear for women - #powerdressing for the win!

    What truly makes a great look is a great fit - especially when it comes to dresses that fit the body closely. Thus, our line of ‘Make-to-order’ dresses was conceived. Sleek & unique without losing the classic look that all formal dresses for women demand, these designs will have you feeling like an absolute boss  and will give you defined structure that is sculpted to your own personal measurements!

    And yes, these have LARGE pockets as well - fit in your phone & much more!

    Check out our unique make-to-order Striker dress - striking, eh? We think so, too. We  are obsessed with how it doubles up as a work wear dress & a chic blazer-coat for layering!

    Multi-purpose is our middle name. 

    grey formals for women
    grey formals for women
    grey formal wear for women
    grey outfits for girls
    grey dress formal
    dress grey formals
    grey ladies dress

    Getting reacquainted with this amazing  work wear staple for women, has been quite the ride,  but it is  a mountain worth scaling. Magnanimous in it’s appeal & functionality, we would love for you to get reacquainted with it too - the right way.

    A work dress made for the modern Indian woman has no business being made in low quality material that lasts for only a short period; or being cut in euro-centric lengths & patterns that just won’t flatter most.

    And don’t we all deserve a good, deep, ‘can-fit-the-world’ kind of pocket as we go about our daily work lives?  We think so! What about you? 

    Have you faced any of these issues or looked for these utilities when shopping for work dresses? Write to us at care@tbdwear.com & let us know - we love hearing from you!

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